Snowtorious B.I.G round 2

I can’t take credit for calling the craziness of the snowstorm Snowtorious B.I.G – I honestly don’t remember who started it but I saw it on facebook.

I’m feeling a snark attack coming on because as I’m sitting here with the snow falling yet again and the Food network playing in the background, I really feel it’s completely unfair that the episodes airing right now are segments that have the hosts cooking OUTSIDE in beautiful temperature appropriate weather.  So what I see on my screen consists of blue skies, blue waterscapes, short sleeve shirts and breezes that lightly toss the made for tv hair.  BOOO!!

While all of that is going on, I am forced to wear my Pocahontas boots:

This was last Friday’s snowfall in the backyard.  I’m starting to feel this weather is the equivalent of having one’s extended family stay for too long a visit.  The snow and the storms just don’t want or know when to leave.

This was the aftermath when the backyard got shoveled:

I would much rather be doing this instead:

I learned to surf almost a year ago and I haven’t been on a board since maybe September of 2009.  Time to book a flight!

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